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ACRE provides distressed asset services to a broad range of institutional and small to medium size business clients including regional and national banks, limited partnerships and real estate corporations. ACRE sources private equity capital and provides asset level capabilities to develop reposition and manage incomplete or underperforming properties.  in conjunction with our associates, has experience in


  • Multifamily
  • Hospitality (Hotel, Resort & Golf)
  • Mixed-Use/Attached Residential
  • Land
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Debt Positions/Venture Interests

Defining Characteristics                                                        

  • Expertise and Experience Across a Wide Range of Asset Types & Geographic Markets
  • Capabilities to Enhance Value at the Asset Level
  • Alignment of Interests Through Incentive Compensation and/or Equity
  • Co-Investment

Scope of Assignments

  • Portfolios: Equity & Debt
  • Product and/or Geographic Sub-Portfolios
  • Significant Single Assets
  • Provide equity

Range of Services

  • Pre-Foreclosure/Sponsor Replacement Evaluation
  • Borrower/Sponsor Negotiations
  • Portfolio and Single Asset Recovery Strategies
  • Post-Ownership Implementation
  • Final Value Recovery
  • Equity raising

Property-level Capabilities

  • Construction Completion / Defect Resolution
  • Entitlement Process through Completion
  • Marketing (for sale and for lease) and Sales Team Management
  • Financial Viability Analysis / Change in Use
  • Re-financing

Who Benifits

Owners, investors, receivers and lending institutions (such as banks, insurance companies, credit companies, special mortgage servicers - those focused on defaulting loans), and government bodies involved in commercial real estate, particularly where borrowers are facing financial difficulty or insolvency. Such organizations may need advice in the following areas in relation to distressed property assets:

  • valuation
  • loan sales, workout or restructuring
  • refinancing and recapitalization
  • asset sales
  • asset management, enhancement and repositioning
  • leasing
  • litigation support
  • receivership services
  • property tax consulting
  • auctions

 How we can help 

Portfolio or asset valuation and strategy
Understanding the underlying collateral and how it can be positioned for short, medium or long-term value enhancement are critical to any optimization strategy on which we advise.

Loan sales
A compelling strategy when an institution desires liquidity, we help evaluate the three principal alternatives – loan sale, loan workout, or foreclosure and sale.

Property sales
With our track record of advising on multi- million dollar annual sales, we are uniquely qualified to market property assets in the most effective way possible to attract buyers throughout the country.

Asset enhancement then sale
The best strategy is often to stabilize and then sell the asset. We help achieve this by having our asset management professionals create a plan to lease the property, complete deferred maintenance and position the property for sale.