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The largest compilation of commercial mortgages and properties that are troubled or likely to be. Search for commercial foreclosures and other investment opportunities, evaluate the volume of distressed assets in any market, view the sales and refinancing history of specific properties, and track new situations as they arise. ACRE provides all the information you need to know now that the boom has bust.

Commercial distress situations include:

  • Lender REO: where a lender has taken property via foreclosure
  • Troubled Mortgages: where there is a default, bankruptcy, or foreclosure pending, or some kind of lender forbearance or other restructuring of a loan.
     ACRE also identifies Leads and Potential Opportunities, or situations that are not yet distressed, but may likely become so, such as:
  • Maturing Loans
  • Slow Lease-up/Sell-out
  • Tenant Bankruptcies
  • Owners Financially Troubled
  • Restructured/Modified Loans (Short Term)

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