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Investment Management

With the recent boom in commercial real estate values, the right connection between properties and investors has actually become more difficult to create. At times like this, ACRE becomes an even more valuable resource. Our analytical tools help investors create maximum return on properties, and we help property owners discern when the time is ripe to sell. Our real-time market knowledge allows us to identify hidden gems that can prove worthwhile investments.
ACRE Investment Management is active across a range of real estate capital and operating markets including private and especially investors from China, debt and equity, and covers all real estate asset types across the Americas.

Driven by both in-depth local insights and a global perspective, we are able to deliver innovative, customized investment strategies to our clients and partners across geographies and across the risk/return spectrum.
We measure our success in terms of both performance and client satisfaction, and as a result have one of highest rates of client retention in the industry
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